When asked to review the Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls, I jumped at the chance. It came at the perfect timing as Hendrix had just started eating solids. Hendrix is my third child and often gets carted around after his older brothers, which often leaves me with limited time to prepare homemade purees for him.

Baby Bellies Brittany Real Mum Review

First Look

The Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls are a healthy, convenient option and come in a variety of blends, which has  introduced a new dimension for Hendrix’s developing palette.

I like the option to serve the bowls hot or cold which makes it very convenient when out and about, or even at home. I especially love that the bowls are fully reusable if you wish to keep the cup and lid or recyclable.

Baby Bellies Brittany Real Mum Review


When Hendrix started on solids, I found the Baby Bellies Organic bowls to be a good starter with the smooth texture, making it easy for him to eat and digest. He absolutely loved it and continued to open his mouth for more!

I love that the Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls are filled with organic fruit and vegetables in unique blends. The fact that there are no hidden sugars or salt is a big tick for me, as I am always conscious of the many additives often hidden in store-bought, convenient foods like this. Also with no hidden fruit sugars in the Veggie & Jumble Bowls means Hendrix is learning to love the taste of his pure veg which is so important to me

Baby Bellies Brittany Real Mum Review


I love the unique mixes and flavour combinations that each of the products has. They were ingredients I never thought to try together. In the past, with my older children, when using other store brought brands, I found they were the same boring ingredients with little flavour or texture. The Baby Bellies Organic bowls just make mealtimes so much more exciting and fun!

Baby Bellies Brittany Real Mum Review


The Baby Bellies Organic Bowls are very affordable at $2.25 and can easily be found at Coles & Woolworths! They have quickly become a regular addition to our weekly shopping list.


I would definitely recommend the Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls to other mums and dads for a healthy, convenient alternative to homemade food, which is easy to store in your baby bag or in your pantry for when you’re out and about, or for when you’re a bit time-poor!