Sleep Expert Kara Wilson from Nurtured Infancy


Kara is Melbourne based with her husband and two children, aged 3 and 7.

Over the past twenty years Kara has worked with children as a certified nanny and gained extensive experience and knowledge in early childhood development, completing a degree in Psychology. More recently, she became a certified infant sleep educator and trained Possums peer support worker.

After working with children, and supporting many families in relation to sleep, Kara says, “I thought I knew almost everything there was to know about it. My first child always loved his sleep and needs a lot of it, but my second easy-going, but very low sleep needs baby turned my world upside down! I became obsessed with awake windows, overtired signs, routine, and spent far too long trying to settle a baby that just didn’t fit into the mold I expected”.

“Although I had the experience and the training, I felt that I must have been missing some vital piece of the sleep puzzle with this baby. That’s when I turned to others in the paediatric sleep space. Sleep coaches, sleep programs, and maternal and child health nurses all advised that some crying would be necessary if I want to ‘fix my baby’s sleep problem’. That what I was doing was inconsistent, and my baby was simply overtired.”

“Little alarm bells rang in my head and my heart. You know that little voice that tells you that something doesn’t feel right? That’s your instincts, and you should definitely listen to them. I knew there had to be another way. I had never left someone else’s baby to cry alone in their cot, so I was certainly not going to do that with mine.

I began to burst with passion and enthusiasm for helping other parents. I wanted to show them how to enjoy their baby more, and not go down the same path as I did. I only wish I knew then what I know now!”

Now as a certified Infant Sleep Educator (through the amazing Bebo Mia Inc), her approach is based in neuroscience, attachment, and infant mental health. Kara believes in parenting the infant brain with positive, responsive, interactive, reliable care, and co-regulation of distress.

Kara supports and guides families holistically and intuitively nurturing their child’s sleep and development. This journey is what has led her here to parents like you. She wants to give you the best possible parenting experience. You deserve it and your little ones deserve it!


Evidence-Based & Researched
Supported by evidence in neuroscience, psychology, and safe sleep practices, as well as over 20 years of first-hand experience with the sleep patterns of infants.

Holistic & Flexible
Working with you and your family’s unique values and needs to create a plan that doesn’t just focus on your infant’s sleep. It’s a wide lens view that looks at the mental health and wellbeing of each family member.

Mental Health & Trauma Informed
During infancy, all of a human’s brain and body parts that make up mental health are largely built. Relationships and experiences during this critical period are vital in nurturing their mind, brain, and body.

Responsive & Nurturing
With an approach and experience based in responsive, attachment,
respectful, and gentle parenting, she will never make any suggestions based on sleep training methods or infant behaviour modification.

Child Development & Play-Focused
With a degree in Psychology and a deep passion for the importance of play, she will offer ideas for sensory nourishment and connection, and also examine what’s going on for your little one developmentally that may be disrupting their sleep.


Do you have an infant aged between birth and 3 years, and would like help with any of the following…

  • Support and education with newborn sleep
  • Exhausted caregivers (support for your wellness and sleep)
  • Creating safe sleep environments
  • Changing sleep locations for infants
  • Expecting a second child
  • Difficulty falling asleep and night time wakings for infants and caregivers


For an initial infant sleep and wellbeing consultation, Kara offers a free 15 minute session. Submit your details below to find out more:

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