Kin Prenatal Supplement – Mummy Reviewers Application Form

We are looking for an Australian woman to trial and review the new Kin prenatal supplement.

Kin is thrilled to launch their Next-Gen Prenatal supplement, which has been created so that every woman who is thinking about having a baby, is trying to, or is pregnant can take it. Kin is a brand whose mission is to revolutionise healthcare, and provide a simple way for Australian women to get the information they need to make empowered choices about their reproductive health. They’ve got you covered with options for every step of your fertility journey.

Instead of folic acid, they have developed a product that uses Methylated Folate. This is fantastic news because it’s a naturally-occuring folate rather than a man-made one!

What sets the Kin prenatal apart from other brands is their painstakingly sourced, bioavailable ingredients that every body can easily process.

Shop the Kin Prenatal Supplement here.

If you are an Australian resident and are either pregnant or trying to get pregnant please apply below. We are looking for confident writers who can write a comprehensive review including taking amazing pics of you using the Kin prenatal to publish on NBB’s website and socials.

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