IVF Clinics in Australia

How do I choose the right fertility clinic for IVF?

“At IVFAustralia, we know our patients have asked themselves this question and have done their homework before they come to our clinic.”

IVF is undoubtedly a difficult and demanding treatment and the decision to embark on it is not taken lightly. Infertility is a very personal issue and is not a life-threatening condition. Consequently every couple will handle this decision in a different way and at a different speed. Very often, a patient will return to their GP, who knows them well, to seek further advice about the decision.

So what are the factors patients should consider so they choose the best IVF fertility clinic?

According to IVFAustralia Fertility Specialist, Professor Michael Chapman, the fertility clinic location should be taken into consideration

“Once treatment starts, patients find they are required to spend a fair bit of time actually in the fertility clinic attending for blood tests and ultrasound scans. There is also the egg collection procedure and embryo transfer to be taken into account,” Professor Chapman says.

IVFAustralia fertility clinics are in six locations around Sydney, with a further seven consultation and monitoring clinics. This is purely for patient convenience. A fertility clinic close by means our patients can have their blood tests and ultrasound monitoring before they head to work in the mornings. Our clinics are open from 7am.

The reputation of the fertility clinic needs to be considered.

“Patients want an IVF fertility clinic where the doctors, nurses, scientists and administration staff are empathetic, caring and professional. IVF Australia’s mission is to provide excellence in fertility care. Our fertility clinic staff pride themselves on providing a warm and caring environment for patients to make their IVF journey as comfortable as it can be,” Professor Chapman asserts.

“What are my chances of success” is a key question patients ask. Patients want to be sure the fertility clinic they choose has the best success rates in the country.

“Our fertility specialists believe that Australians in need of IVF or fertility treatment generally are probably the luckiest in terms of having access to the best doctors who achieve the best success rates for IVF in the world. When the effects of frozen embryos are taken into account, young women doing IVF can expect success rates of up to 50% from one oocyte collection. However, success rates do fall as women get into their late 30s and early 40,” Professor Chapman explained.

The cost of treatment is another major factor in selecting the right fertility clinic. Despite changes to the Medicare Extended Safety Net rebates for IVF in January 2010, IVFAustralia fertility specialists believe IVF remains as affordable as ever. The final costs to patients of an IVF cycle at an IVFAustralia fertility clinic is $2,000 for the first cycle, and $1500 for subsequent cycles in a calendar year. This is approximately $1,000 less than other major fertility clinics in Sydney.

The final piece of advice from Professor Chapman on selecting the right fertility clinic is to ensure professional counselling is available.

“It’s well known that one of the biggest drawbacks of IVF is the emotional strain it puts on the couples involved. The difference between success and disappointment is enormous, particularly after everything the couple put into it. IVFAustralia fertility clinics all employ professional counsellors to provide emotional support for IVF patients who provide invaluable support to patients.”

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