Baby Naming

Once you have given birth to your little one, one of the next exciting things that you will be doing is naming your baby. There are many sources of names for babies, such as a baby name book, family tradition, your favourite celebrity or character, or your own penchant for a unique baby name.

Giving the baby a name can be a very special occasion. If you are Christian, you might want to give the name officially at the christening. If you are Jewish, you will announce the name of your baby son at his circumcision and your daughter’s name at the first Torah reading after the birth. If you are Hindu, you will name the baby at the traditional naming ceremony, the Namakaran, and if you are Muslim, there is also an official baby naming ceremony.

If, however, you do not follow any specific religion, you may want to invent a special naming ceremony of your own to celebrate the naming of your baby.

Inventing a Child Naming Ceremony of Your Own

You can create your own personal way of naming a baby by organising a ceremony of your own. It does not need to be religious in any way, but could include special naming ceremony readings. These could be poems related to the baby name meaning that you have chosen, or connected to you as a family. You could play some songs that are significant to you, to birth, to your experiences as a family.

As the baby naming day is so important to you, you could invite a few very close friends and relatives. You will still be recovering from the birth, so you probably won’t feel up to throwing a huge party. But a small group of your most intimate friends would probably make this into a very special occasion.

At your own baby blessing ceremony, you should dress the baby in the most gorgeous outfit that you can find. Provide a few refreshments and some light background music. Take plenty of photographs, which you could put away inside your baby’s first scrapbook.

The actual choosing of your baby’s names is another issue. You may want to call them after a much-loved grandparent, aunt, or uncle. Announcing this name at the ceremony will be a wonderful surprise for the rest of the family.

If, on the other hand, you don’t wish to choose a name from the family, you may want to find a name from another source. For example, if you want one of the top 100 names, you should find a list of popular names. On the other hand, you may want to use a more exotic name, which you can also find from a suitable list.

If this is the first time the name has been used in your family, it may even set a precedent. Either way, you should really enjoy the experience of naming your baby.

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