Unusual baby names were not so long ago frowned down upon as they would end up causing the child endless embarrassment once they started to attend school. With the rise in popularity of Hollywood films and celebrities, it has become more common place to find unique baby names popping up in all areas of society. As the Hollywood stars try to outdo each other when coming up with names for their babies many people are copying them and the top baby names change every year especially when it comes to famous celebrities.

What was considered to be the most popular baby names twenty years ago has changed and calling your baby girl Trixie does not bring the reaction from others that it once did. As people try to come up with unusual baby names for boys and girls it is becoming more difficult to find a name that is considered unique. To really stand out from the crowd you would have to go to the lengths that Shannyn Sossaman and Dallas Clayton did by naming their baby son, Audio Science. For now that is very rare, maybe in other twenty or thirty years there may be many children with the same name.

Unique Baby Names for Life

Reading through the latest Hollywood baby names gossip pages is not that shocking anymore. Many of the weird baby names are common place now and we have become so accustomed to Hollywood stars trying to get attention that we don?t even consider the names bizarre anymore and realise that it is just a great opportunity for some free publicity.

Although there are many parents who now go for weird and wacky names for their babies, when deciding on unusual Australian baby names it is important to remember that the name you give your child will be with them for a lifetime and unless your child is going to attend classes with many other children who also have extremely unusual names then going for something a bit more traditional may be the best option.

Top 10 Baby Names

The top 10 baby names of any given year always tend to be more traditional than unusual and even over the past decade they have not changed much. In Australia unusual baby boy names do not really feature it the top 10 baby names list from the past 10 years. James, Thomas, Joshua, Jack, Lachlan, Matthew, Benjamin, Daniel and Ethan have been the most popular baby names for many years throughout Australia, with the odd Liam, Samuel and Ryan competing for a place. The top 10 baby names for girls over the same period have been Jessica, Emily, Sarah, Georgia, Olivia, Emma, Chloe, Sophie, Hannah and Isabella.

There is not one parent that doesn?t see their child as unique and each moment that we experience when they are growing up is always special. We all want our children to be extraordinary and be the best that they can be, but naming your child something so unusual can end up being detrimental instead of being individual as you intended. Unusual baby names are great, but if you are not a famous celebrity you may want to consider something slightly less unusual.

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