A list of most popular baby names is where most parents start their search for a babies name, but once your little one is born, one of the biggest and most loaded issues can be choosing baby names.

This has been at the root of some of the biggest family quarrels – and has also been a wonderful way to make peace again. For example, Grandma Muriel Ethel passed away last year, and your little daughter is the first great-granddaughter to be born since the event. But the names Muriel Ethel are not the best baby names for your daughter in your opinion – so what do you do? In some families, this can create a huge family row. So, either you choose one or other of the names to keep everyone happy, or you say that you have decided to use other criteria apart from family tradition to name your baby – and you hope that your relatives will understand.

The Top Ten Baby Names

To keep everyone happy, many couples prefer to look to current fashion rather than at ancestral traditions to name their babies. They seek the most popular baby names, which are easily found on many lists. In fact, there is a “hit parade” of most popular names that makes this choice much easier.

These choices are often influenced by the names of famous people or characters. The most famous example is the name “Wendy,” which was invented by writer J.M. Barrie. His famous children?s book, Peter Pan, published in the 1900s, was so successful that one of the top baby girl names at the time was Wendy, after one of the characters in it, at the time, and the name is still fairly popular.

Comparing Popular Names

Although music and clothing fashion is fairly international, there are some differences in name fashion.

Leading top 100 Australian baby names were: Jack, William, Lachlan, Joshua, and Riley for boys.

For girls, they were: Mia, Chloe, Isabella, Charlotte, and Emily.

But the most popular baby names in America were: Jacob, Michael, Ethan, Joshua, and Daniel.

For girls, they were: Emma, Isabella, Emily, Madison, and Ava.

Joshua and Isabella figure on both lists, but the other names are slightly different.

Looking at the names, they are mostly conservative and indicate a trend of going back to more conventional tastes. This may not appeal to you, especially if you would prefer uncommon baby names. If you do decide to choose unique baby names, please try to look for something that will not encourage other children to laugh. Remember that your child has to live with that name for the rest of their life.

If this is the direction you wish to follow, you may be better advised to use a baby names book rather than simply looking through lists of the top 20 baby names. In a book, you will find explanations of the meanings of the names, which might appeal to you more as it gives a certain depth and significance to your choice rather than simply following a trend.

Another alternative is to choose ethnic baby names. For example, if your roots are in Ireland, you might want to look at a list of top Irish baby names. This way, you find a name that conforms to your roots, is not too weird-sounding, but is not simply parroting what is fashionable and trendy.

The choices are up to you. There are so many names to choose from, and hopefully you will find the most suitable ones for your baby from the lists of top baby names.

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