Until the advent of pregnancy photos by means of ultrasound, the world of the unborn baby was a mystery. However, since ultrasounds became widely used, the mysteries surrounding life before birth have gradually been uncovered. Whereas baby photos used to be mainly of the newborn in a blanket, or at their christening, circumcision, and so forth, there is now a growing pregnancy photo industry.

My Pregnancy Photos Gallery The Ultimate in Baby Memorabilia

Along with a scrapbook containing the baby?s birth cards and the records of their pregnancy stages check-ups, many people make a special album of pregnancy pictures. Depending on your personal taste, these pictures may include pregnancy belly photos and ultrasound scans, alongside the traditional photos of your baby after birth. If you and your partner are not too squeamish, you may even want to include some shots or a video of the actual birth.

If you have the budget for it, you may want to put professional pregnancy photos in this album. These days, you can easily find a specialist pregnancy photographer. On the other hand, if you would prefer to save on the expense, you can always use your trusty digital camera and organise your own pregnancy photo shoot.

Making your own pregnancy and baby album can actually be a lot of fun. You can have several sections: Pregnancy, Inside the Womb, Birth, and Baby?s First Pictures.

You would start the first section with early pregnancy, showing you as you were at the very beginning. If you want to document how you looked and felt in a very detailed way, you could even take photos week by week. As your body grows, you will see the changes over the coming months.

The size of the section of life inside the womb will depend on how many ultrasound scans you take. There is no need to take extra pictures just for the sake of your album, but save the ones that you have.

The photos you take during birth will depend on how much you would want others to see you in this state. If you feel self-conscious, do not feel that you have to be photographed or videoed in this state. It should only be done if that is what you, the mother, really want.

Photo Ideas A Question of Choice

The above ideas are only suggestions. The great thing about making an album as your personal memento of your baby?s introduction to life is that you can make it any way you want.

Pregnancy photos are a wonderful memento and celebration of your little one?s life that can never be duplicated and will never be forgotten.

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