" Grubby Bubby

Grubby Bubby

At Grubby Bubby we create, market and sell innovative and practical parenting products . Our aim is to cover all things that bubby uses or wears that can get grubby. Hence ….. Grubby Bubby.

Our products allow and encourage bubby to get grubby without the worry from parents about the mess. This allows for bubby’s to develop and grow without being “spoon fed”.

After developing the Grubby Bubby High Chair Cover our philosophy has been if we are going to keep the mess off the chair, let’s keep the mess off…


Our goal!
Let’s face it, bubby?s just love mess, in the high chair, in the car, out at restaurants, anywhere, anytime, so covers aren’t just limited to High Chairs.
Grubby Bubby won’t rest until they cover all those things that need covering from the little grubby paws of our little grubby bubs.

Say goodbye to constant cleaning and enjoy messy fun while our Grubby Bubby

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