Welcome to the new version of our directory! We have listened to your feedback and have
introduced a lot of new features mainly based around social aspects of the web which is
proving to be both a better experience for our valued customers and users.

What’s New In The Directory

  • Now you can have large high quality images to represent your
  • You can promote your social media properties like Twitter and
  • We now accept reviews of businesses so you can encourage your customers to post
    on your pages
  • Our users can now contact you directly using the contact form which
    will be emailed to you
  • We have now introduced Premium listings which sit at the top of the
  • Premium business may now feature in the right hand column of every
    on our site, giving you better exposure
  • Creation of over 30 new categories

We have 2 options for listing your business in our directory, a premium listing or a
normal listing. The premium listing has far more benefits compared to a normal listing.

Premium Listing Business Page

Premium listings contain significantly more ways for our users to connect and learn about your business.

Premium listings have the following features:

  • Ability to add logo (200 x 200 pixels)
  • Ability to add product shot (600 pixels wide)
  • They have follow links which are good for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Ability to have and extra description of the business
  • Ability to add multiple locations on the business page
  • They have the logo, phone number, contact form, website and number of reviews appearing in the listing results

The following is an example of a Premium Business page:


How The Listings Are Displayed

Each business has their own individual page, but is also featured in the listing for
their relevant categories. Premium and normal listings are displayed differently.
Premium listings contain a more “feature rich” display and offer multiple ways for our
users to contact your business directly. Below is an example of a premium listing and a
normal list:



Additional Benefits Of Having A Premium Listing

Featured On The Business Directory Homepage

In addition to the benefits highlighted above we also feature top 10 random premium
businesses on the business directory homepage. This is one of our most popular pages,
and provides great visibility for premium businesses.

Premium Business Widget

We also feature 2 random business in our special premium business widget which appears
on the right hand side of every page. This also provides great visibility for you
business as well.

Premium Listing Appear At The Top Of The Categories

Premium businesses will always appear above normal listings when the categories are
being viewed. This gives them far greater exposure than a normal listings.

Appear in 3 Subcategories

A Premium business has the advantage of appearing in 3 subcategories, compared to a
normal business which can only appear in 1. This greatly increases the exposure your
site will get.

Add Your Business As A Premium Listing


To celebrate the new version of business directory we have a brilliant special offer
which is valid for a limited time only. We are offering a premium listing for only $97
per year. That is a saving of $100!

Please agree to the terms and conditions.
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Normal Listings Business Page

Obviously the normal listings page does not have quite as many benefits as the Premium
Listing business page, but it is a great way to improve your businesses visibility. It
contains you main contact details so our users can contact you directly.

As a normal business listing, you will have the ability to choose only 1 subcategory in which to appear in.

The following is an example of how your business would appear:



Add Your Business As A Normal Listing


To celebrate the new version of business directory we have a brilliant special
offer which is valid for a limited time only. We are offering a normal listing for only $29 per year.

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