When to Give Water to Baby

To give or not to give water to baby

It is important to keep hydration in mind especially as the weather is warming up for both mother and baby.

Breastfeeding babies don’t need extra water in hot weather BUT their mothers do and they need to offer their baby more frequent feeds. Nature will do the rest.

Bottle fed babies MAY need a little extra water in hot weather – but it only needs to be a small volume of 20mls and up to 50mls (for 5+ month old)

Always offer water after a feed, or before sleep time but definitely not before the milk feed.

Resist the urge to dilute formula in hot weather. Instead give the correct formula and follow it by a little water.

As babies grow, they can drink small volumes of water from a sippy cup (after about 6 months of age). This can be offered after solids.

Remember milk before solids or water until around 9 months of age.

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