Top 10 breast pumps for 2020 on every budget

Most breastfeeding mums will express milk at some stage. It could be to boost supply, provide relief from overproduction, for when they return to work, or sometimes it’s just nice to let someone else take over a feed once in a while. But there are just as many reasons to pump as there are breast pumps on the market—it’s easy to get lost!

One of the challenges mums face is trying to work out exactly what their pumping needs are before they make the purchase. How often will you be expressing – frequently or occasionally? Will you be expressing for the short-term or a longer duration?

It’s a good idea to carefully consider which is the best pump type for you before purchasing or hiring one.

Top 10 breast pumps to suit every budget:

Medela Freestyle Flex 

Medela Freestyle Flex

Key Features Include:

  • Overflow protection (closed system) to prevent milk from entering the tubing and motor
  • The shield’s soft, natural rim with a unique angle and shape designed to fit every breast shape
  • MyMedela app connectivity, ensuring mums can track and log session times, settings used, and the amount of breast milk expressed
  • Light and compact design, weighing less than 300 grams to fit in the palm of your hand
  • Quiet – Freestyle Flex is noticeably quieter than Medela’s Freestyle
  • Medela’s 2-Phase Expression® technology to mimic a baby’s sucking action
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasting for up to eight double-pumping sessions, so you can express anywhere (no need to search for a powerpoint)
  • USB port for powering on the go
  • Full support kit – the electric pump also comes with everything needed to collect and store your breast milk, including a carry bag and a cooler bag to help keep breast milk fresh if pumping away from home

RRP: $549.95

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Medela Swing Maxi Flex – Double 

Medela swing maxi flex double

Key Features Include:

  • Double electric breast pump with 2-Phase Expression® technology, which mimics babies’ natural sucking for a more natural and efficient experience.
  • New PersonalFit Flex breast shield and closed-circuit overflow protection.
  • Compact, portable, and easy to use.
  • Personalised shield improves milk volume by up to 11% and milk drainage up to 4%.

RRP $399.95

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NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump


Key Features include:

  • USB Rechargeable battery, which lasts up to 3 sessions x 30 mins each
  • Practical carrying strap for on-the-go use
  • 16 individual programs, which include 4 rhythms and 4 suction strengths
  • Powerful motor that is both efficient and silent
  • Ergonomic breast shield for comfort
  • LCD screen with memory function to easily select your favourite settings
  • Timer to track each session
  • The pump can be combined with the NUK Nature Sense breast Milk Container (included) and with NUK Nature Sense bottles and teats

RRP: $299.00

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Spectra S2+ Hospital Grade Double Electric

Key Features Include:

  • Powerful, adjustable suction
  • Letdown mode and fully adjustable program to best suit your body
  • Slow flow teat suitable for newborn feeding
  • Super quiet
  • Closed system – hygienic for you and baby
  • Night light & timer

RRP $299

Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro



Key Features Include:

  • 28 x comfort settings for easy control and monitoring
  • LCD digital display for speed, strength, and duration of pumping session
  • 2 phases of pumping – ‘stimulation’ and ‘expression’ for efficient pumping
  • Comes with 2 funnel sizes and the new Comfort ProperFIT™ flange is made of softer material and has a ‘wing’ to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

RRP $249.99

Tommee Tippee Made For Me Single Electric 


Key Features Include:

  • USB Rechargeable – powered by a USB rechargeable power unit so mums can power up. You can also plug in the breast pump and still use it whilst charging giving mums flexibility.
  • Gentle on breasts – soft, cushioned silicone cup that’s gentle on breasts
  • Full charge gives you approx. 60 minutes of power to pump on the go
  • Massage & Express modes – Choose from 5 massage and 9 express settings to stimulate milk flow and express breast milk in a way that’s comfortable for you
  • Timer – LED screen lets you see how long you have been expressing for.
  • No backflow – the closed system makes sure breast milk only goes into the bottle, not into the air tube or pump so every drop of breast milk is collected

RRP $219.95

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Philips Avent Comfort Manual


Key Features Include:

  • Unique design means your milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle so you don’t have to lean forward
  • Has few parts making it easy to assemble, use, and clean
  • Soft massage cushion gently stimulates milk flow
  • Small and lightweight, which means it is easy to store and transport, making pumping on-the-go more discreet
  • Includes Philips Natural bottle and nipple for natural latch

RRP: $70.55

NUK Jolie Manual


Key Features Include:

  • Easy to use and highly efficient manual breast pump
  • For complete control during expressing
  • Soft silicone cushion with special textured surface to stimulate milk flow
  • Ergonomic, smooth-action lever
  • Breast Milk Container for storing, freezing, warming and even feeding– re-filling not required!
  • BPA Free

RRP $59

Milk Mate Silicone Breast Pump

Milk Mate Product Review

Key Features Include:

  • Milk Mate is perfect for capturing letdown breast milk while feeding on the opposite side and reliving engorgement.
  • 100% silicone food grade silicone. 
  • Perfect for travel
  • Suction 
  • No batteries or power cords are required
  • Australian designed and owned 
  • Easy to clean – Steriliser and dishwasher safe

Milk Mate Silicone Breast Pump 150ml Combo RRP – $47.90

Haakaa Generation 3 Silicone Manual


Key Features Include:

  • Hands-free manual breast pump
  • Once you suction it to your breast it will draw your milk out with no effort from you
  • Made from food-grade silicone, this compact pump is perfect for long-distance plane or car rides, or simply anywhere you would like to express quickly and discreetly
  • Comes in two convenient sizes of 160ml and 250ml
  • Express directly into a detachable silicone bottle

RRP $37.90

The Australian Breastfeeding Association has put together this handy resource to help you: Which Breast Pump is For You?

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