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Recall of Infacol Wind Drops

A retail recall has been announced for three batches of Infacol Wind Drops oral Liquid Bottle. Nice Pak Products, the distributor for Infacol Wind Drops, has been notified by the manufacturer that some batches of the product is Out of Specification for Description (contents) and Assay of polydimethylsiloxane.

The recall affects retailers only, not consumers, however there have been some reports by parents that they have purchased wind drops from one of the affected batches.

If you have recently purchased a bottle of Infacol Wind Drops it’s worth checking the batch number in case it is part of one of the batches that have been recalled.

The following batch numbers have been recalled:

CM832 Expiry: November 2019 

CP277 Expiry: April 2020 

CP658 Expiry: June 2020

The recall does not affect any other batches of Infacol Wind Drops 30mL. If you have one of the affected batches, you can contact your retailer or call The Nice Pak customer care line on: 1800 506 750.

This stock withdrawal is based on product quality and not product safety issues.

There is no consumer action that needs to be taken.

The use of the product is unlikely to cause any patient health risk.

A Bit More Information About Wind

Babies can swallow small amounts of air when they feed. Babies will usually burp this wind up after a feed, without any help. But if a baby doesn’t burp, and then goes to sleep they may become uncomfortable.

Signs Your Baby May Have Wind

If you see your baby squirming, grizzling or crying after feeding they may be suffering with wind. They may also squirm, grimace, and stop feeding.

How You Can Help?

If you baby suffers with wind you may need to burp them. Not all babies need help to burp, but many do. For other babies it passes through them and comes out the other end without any problems. As you baby grows they will be less likely to need burping and can process the extra air themselves.

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