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Whooping Cough: what’s the story

There was a news story this week talking about how whooping cough rates in Victoria have dropped significantly in 2016, compared to the number of cases in 2014. This is great news for babies and their parents because whooping cough is not only scary, but it can be serious enough to make babies very, very sick.

The State Government is celebrating this news and pointing out that it’s down to their reintroduction of whooping cough immunisation for pregnant mums. If you’re pregnant, you might want to know more about whooping cough immunisation and find out whether it’s something you need to investigate. The latest article on Newborn Baby can tell you everything you need to know about whooping cough immunisation whether you’re a mum, a soon-to-be-mum, or even a friend or family member with a newborn baby on the way.

You can read the full news story here

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