Newborn Baby Sleeping

After a few weeks of caring for a newborn baby you may start to wonder where the phrase ‘sleeping like a baby’ actually comes from. Newborn baby sleep patterns can vary between babies with some sleeping through the night from a very young age and others continuing to wake long into toddlerhood.

Having a newborn baby in the house is a learning curve and reading up on tips for helping your newborn sleep through the night can help you create a gentle routine that may make your life a little easier. Newborn babies are helpless creatures and extremely vulnerable so it’s important to follow safe sleeping guidelines, no matter how well your baby sleeps and how many children you have previously had.
Newborn babies aren’t born with set sleeping patterns and it will take time to understand your new born’s sleep needs. Over time you can hopefully start to develop a routine that is effective and works for the whole family although it’s important not to be too rigid in the early days.

If you are struggling with lack of sleep, talking to friends and family members with experience can help. Make sure you read as much as possible about baby sleep patterns so you can better understand what might be keeping your little one up. However exhausted you are, remember that it will pass, your baby will sleep through the night eventually and you will get a good night’s sleep again!

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