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Parents should have educated choices during these times so that they can give their children a healthy, enriching environment and at the same time, nurturing and preserving the environment in which they will grow.

Nature Baby

Nature Baby is a family business and was well-known in 1998 in New Zealand where it began generating items for their own family, and later realised that many other parents wanted their children to grow in a natural and less polluted environment. Their nappies
were stimulated by the birth of their first baby and started a mission for other natural and creative baby products.

Why Choose Nature Baby?

Because they see babies as so precious and sensitive to their environment, all Nature Baby products are carefully selected for design, purity, and quality and produced in such a way that cares for the earth and its workers.

Nature Baby nappies are easy to put on and thin without losing their ability to absorb. The fabric used allows the freedom of movement your baby needs as well as the air to pass through making your baby feel fresh.

What?s Special About Nature Baby Nappies?

Nature Baby specialises in natural and organic products which nurture you, your baby and nature. They stock only natural fibres such as merino wool and organic cotton.

Merino wool is a good fabric for newborns because it absorbs moisture and aids in maintaining an even body temperature making your baby fresh and comfortable. Unlike the typical wool, merino wool is very soft and non-irritating. It is produced from sheep that have been raised organically and have not been exposed to regular chemical processing. This means that this type of fabric is free of chemical substances and it has a very soft and natural texture. Wool is also a bacterially resistant fibre which means that it will not gather unwanted agents such as mould.

Organic cotton is cultivated without the use of harmful chemical pesticides and fertilisers that may greatly affect your baby?s skin. Nature Baby cotton is handpicked of insects and hand-produced in organic farming communities for the benefit of your baby as well as to all of the people taking part in the production process.

What Are Their Other Products?

Since they began, their product range has been constantly changing and expanding.

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