Nappy Brands? Huggies Nappies

Huggies is the brand name of a disposable nappy marketed by Kimberly-Clark. They were first test marketed in 1968, then launched to people 10 years after. They sell their products in more than 150 countries.

Huggies Nappies

Why Choose Huggies Nappies?

Huggies nappies made their products with everything that mums and dads want to in a nappy for their baby. They promised that when it comes to taking care of your baby?s bottom Huggies nappies have it covered.

What’s Special About Huggies Nappies?

First, it has leak lock system which absorbs and locks away urine to help prevent leaks, even at night these nappies
absorbs up to 6 wettings.

Second, they have non-sticky tapes which fasten and refasten easily for a secure, customize fit. It also has soft stretch waistband which provides a snug comfortable fit.

Third, they have cottony soft outer cover that provides softness and comfort with double leak barriers which gives extra protection against leaks at the legs.

Lastly, they have a Drytouch liner feature which quickly pulls moisture away from your baby?s skin.

What Are Their Other Products?

The Huggies product range supports all your baby?s needs, from newborn to active toddlers and for both boys and girls. Their range includes clinically proven nappies which helps avoid nappy rash; Little Snugglers nappies are designed for newborn infants, and available in step sizes Preemies, Newborn, 1 and 2. Nappy pants for active babies that is designed to keep up with even the most active babies and they slip on easily like pants for struggle free and easy nappy changes.

They also have swim nappies for pool and beach get-aways. It ensure a clean safe and fun time for both you and your baby. Huggies also has DryNites nappies that help thousands of Australian kids in bedwetting problems. Pull ups toilet training pants for big kids which has the feature ?Feel Wet to Learn? wetness liner. Designed to help you kid learn the difference between wet from dry by allowing them to feel the wetness before drawing the wetness away.

Where To Buy Huggies Nappies?

Huggies offer a lot of different products and the prices vary for each product. If you want to pick them up easily while doing your regular grocery, you can go to Coles, Franklins, IGA, Toys R Us and Woolworths. You can also check this list of online stores where you can buy Huggies nappies.
Huggies products online to anywhere in Australia:
Baby Warehouse
Bubs Baby Shops
Go Toddler
The Nappy Shop

Huggies products online for NSW:
Babies galore
Buy for baby
Lets be Clean

Nappy Palace

Huggies products online for VIC:
Nappy Land
Superior Baby Care

Huggies baby products online for WA:
Nappy Online

Choosing a nappy brand that is best for your baby is your decision and one best made after careful consideration of what?s important to you and what will suit you and your baby.

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