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The birth of the owner?s son in 2005 provided the inspiration for the very first Cushie Tushie nappy. The nappy was inspired by the thought of getting the benefits of cloth nappy with the ease if disposables.

It is recommended to have 24 nappies for full time use. That number if nappies is enough for 3 days use. When one day?s worth of nappies are in use, the other day?s worth is in the wash, with a few to spare.

Cushie Tushies

Why Choose Cushie Tushie Nappies?

The average parent spends more than $3,000 per baby on disposable nappies form birth to toddlerhood and another thousand dollars on disposable wipes, whereas the cost of Cushie Tushies is only $600-$1,000 for the same period.

They are offering a new kind of cloth nappy that is modern in every sense of the word. Their product combined all the benefits of disposable and modern cloth nappies together into one great nappy. The nappies are simple, effective and offer the best comfort for your baby.

Cushie Tushies nappies have three amazing designs such as basix funday, as basix everyday, and couture. Their nappies are actually one size fits all design which can fit to newborns to toddlers.

What?s Special About Cushie Tushie Nappies?

Their nappies are lovely, with rich vibrant colours, creative patterns, and have soft fabrics that are also very absorbent. Cushie Tushies is another fast growing Australian nappy brand which offers a wide range of beautiful designer one size all in one modern cloth nappies and matching wet bags too.

They are using a main absorbent fabric made from bamboo, making this pretty slim-fitting, even for a newborn. Their nappies also have a big pop-in booster which can come off for quicker drying and one additional booster for night time. All fabric used in the interior of the nappy is fleece-topped to keep your baby?s bottom free from rashes.

What Are Their Other Products?

Cushie Tushies other products are all in one modern cloth nappies, flushable nappy liners, aqua swim nappies, wool nappy covers, waterproof nappy bags, reusable nappy boosters, reusable night boosters, cloth nappy wipes, nappy change sanitiser solution and bulk nappy packs. They also have hand knitted woollen soakers which works as a nappy cover.

Where To Buy Cushie Tushies Nappies?

If you buy in bulk, you receive even more value than the cost savings. Each of their bulk packs includes a range of accessories completely free of charge, to make your cloth nappying more comfortable and successful.

For orders and customer service, you can contact their customer service manager, Anne, who is available to speak to from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Their manager has many years experience using the product and can help you work out what you need.

(07) 5573 0666 or 0412 530 657 or you can email them to

A cushie tushies nappy is better for baby, better for the environment and saves parents a lot of money.

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