Nappy Brands ? Bright Bots

Bright Bots started in Australia in 1997 from making brightly coloured cloth nappies for little bottoms, hence the name ?Bright Bots?. They have become one of the preferred brands in nappies because they are a quality nappy and a good brand.

This nappy brand also offers great quality baby clothing and accessories in different, vibrant colours. Colours available: pink, yellow, blue, green, orange, red and purple.

Bright Bots

Why Choose Bright Bots Nappies?

Bright Bots shaped nappies are made with 100% cotton terry material with polyester fill to absorb. Easy Velcro fastening, which folds back to aid washing with an adjustable size. It is elastic around legs and waist for a secure fit. Very slim Velcro means that it can be folded down to a nippa if the fit isn?t quite right.

Their nappies are specially designed to minimise those leaks. They have foam wadding and a PEVA lining covered in absorbent cloth terry. Their nappies are a very popular choice for both parents and toddlers as there very comfortable and vibrant looking, available in their favourite colours.

What?s Special About Bright Bots Nappies?

Their nappies are soft, absorbent baby terrycloth in your choice of several colours. They also specialises on training pants which reduce leaks, rather than completely eliminate them, so you should still be able to know immediately that the baby is wet. Bright Bots fitted nappies come in 3 sizes for a great fit at each stage, and a choice of 4 vibrant colours ? lime, mauve, pink or blue.

What Are Their Other Products?

Bright Bots offer seasonal baby clothing to bibs, towelling, baby linen, swim wear, baby gifts, toilet training pants and much more. Bright Bots Terries are just the right thickness, and can be folded in many ways, and fastened with traditional pins. These terries are economical, effective and a beautifully traditional way to cloth nappy.

Bright Bots swim nappies are brightly coloured in pink or blue. With a simple pull on designs, fun enough to be worn on their own, but will also fit under a 1 piece baby swim suit if desired. They also sell baby swim suit just for the girls. This swimming attire also incorporates a swim nappy so there is no need to remember two items for the pool.

The bright Bots training pants do not work in the same way as disposable ?pull up nappies?. The product is designed to absorb liquid or hold it indefinitely. These pull-ons will protect against little accidents and your baby will feel uncomfortable if he should have one, recognising that he has wet and will want changing. This is specially designed to help you with the potty training process.

Where To Buy Bright Bots Nappies?

You can buy them in the Bright Bots website. If you require any further information about their products, you can contact their customer service at

Bright Bots nappies are a great option if you want to save money. So grab yourself a bargain shaped nappy while stocks last!

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