Nappy Brands ? BabyLove Nappies

This nappy appears to be rectangular shape when laid out and it?s noticeably a different shape to other leading disposable nappy brands. They have new designs available in pastel colours.

BabyLove nappies are fantastic nappies that don?t look or feel as cheap as they actually are which is unlike all other not expensive nappies out there.


Why Choose BabyLove Nappies?

The BabyLove offers good quality nappies, full featured baby nappy suitable for day and night-time use. They have great designs with the Wiggles on and are very reasonable priced and are very easy to get because they are sold everywhere. They also have high absorbency and a fast acting ultra-dryness layer, soft leg leakage control guards that fit snugly to prevent leakage. In addition, they have stretchable comfort grip tabs that are made to allow secure refastening and adjustment even when using talc or lotions.

They are a good quality brand of nappies which has a stretchable Velcro tab which is better than the old-fashioned sticky tabs. If the nappy is soiled, you?ll notice that it doesn?t become hard unlike other nappies.

What?s Special About BabyLove Nappies?

Their nappies are specially designed to contain the poop of newborns and to stop them from spreading. BabyLove nappies provide baby with total comfort, while giving parents the confidence that their babies are in good hands.

They have a silk like outside layer that?s super soft, and like a soft absorbent inside that is made of a terri cloth-like. They are much softer than the big square ones. It?s too soft like velvet.

Their products also have special features like super absorbency for longer lasting leakage protection, has natural breathable cover to help reduce dampness, also has shaped waistline to protect baby?s unhealed navel and rear leakage guard prevents poo from spreading around.

Although the nappy feels quite soft and if it wasn?t for the void back lining they appear thick enough to be worn as a night nappy. There is no stretch in the front or back of the nappy, or in the side tabs which can make them a little less manoeuvrable.

What Are Their Other Products?

BabyLove nappy products only vary with sizes. As your baby?s body changes and grow the component of their nappy changes too. Every child is not the same, so to get the best fit for your baby, you need to consider their shape as well as their weight. The nappies are available for newborns and infants. Nappies as well as nappy pants are available for crawler, toddler, walker and junior sizes. Training pants are also available.

Where To Buy BabyLove Nappies?

New BabyLove nappy pants and all other BabyLove nappies are in now available at Woolworths, Coles, Big W, selected independent markets and pharmacies across Australia. Find out everything about orders and customer service by visiting the BabyLove website.

The BabyLove nappies are quite good and cheap and it?s a great idea to try them as a cheaper alternative. They are a great buy, and even better when they go on sale.

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