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Baby Beehinds specialises on the concept of modern cloth nappies. Established in March 2004, it is a family owned and managed based in Townsville, in sunny North Queensland. Their product has grown over the years because of the quality of nappies, friendly customer service and they ensure that their products are made ethically.

Baby BeeHinds

Why Choose Baby Beehinds Nappies?

Baby Beehinds not only give creative designed cloth nappies as a modern alternative to disposable nappies, but they also contribute to making a difference in the world. They also give donations to orphanages and the sponsorship of children in need.

Parents who are concerned about the environment are keen in selecting nappy brands. Cloth nappies are a great option for going green and can be just as convenient, and are often more comfortable than disposables.

What?s Special About Baby Beehinds Nappies?

Their nappies are super absorbent so they are great for your baby at night. They are easy to use once you get the hang of the snaps, plus easy to wash and dry. Most parents say that they have never had a leak issue using these nappies. They fit well, are very soft and can be used with your baby for long time because they size from newborn to 15 kilograms. They are also a great value for money in the long run over disposable nappies.

The biggest issue is just that they need a nappy cover to avoid leaks, elasticity can degrade just like other cloth nappies and they need washing.

What Are Their Other Products?

The PUL nappy covers complement all types of square or pre-fold nappies. The covers seem popular in Australia and are frequently mentioned in parenting discussion forums. Online retailer says the Baby BeeHinds PUL nappy covers are the best value for money PUL covers available in Australia.

They also offer a range of different nappy options. They have ?Magic Alls? all-in-one cloth nappy where you will not need liner and nappy covers anymore. They also have one size fits all fitted nappies made from hemp and bamboo for mums who want to provide extreme comfort to their babies. In addition, they sell range of nappy covers, nappy accessories, plush prefolds, night nappy and other baby items such as baby carriers and baby natural skin care.

Where To Buy Baby Beehinds Nappies?

Their product consultants can be found in many locations right around Australia, where you can get fun, informative and free demonstration from mums themselves, who are experienced with Baby Beehinds nappies. You can buy their products direct on their website here.

They are all adorable! Your baby would definitely look great in their nappies. Their nappies are of great value, no leaks, and are made with wonderful colours. It is also nice to know that they have been promoting cloth nappy awareness and provide top quality products to ensure a fun, reliable, and easy to use cloth nappy system for you and your little one.

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